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Sep - 23

What is Bank Mitra?

Bank Mitra A Bank Mitra is different who acts as a representative of the bank is a place where introductory an element and filling a bank branch is not conceivable. These personalities epitomize banks and make available all kinds of…

Sep - 20

What is Kiosk Banking

  Kiosk Banking   The Kiosk Banking is the inventiveness of the RBI (Reserve bank) of India. It is started for the personalities that exist in villages or in other reserved areas who are unable to get banking services, outstanding…

Jul - 10
Kiosk Banking

How to apply for bank CSP?

Make your shop Mini bank & provide basic SBI banking services to your customers!!! SBI Kiosk Banking BC model aims to supply a true time, user friendly banking services to the buyer in their neighborhood. Pay Point India has been…