Apply Online for CSP | Top CSP Provider in India company

Oct - 13
Apply Online for CSP

Apply Online for CSP | Top CSP Provider in India company

It is pleasure to inform you that we have been engaged as business correspondent .. Plese contact us for opening and Maintaining of Bank’s Customer Service Official Site for Applying Online Bank CSP. Apply Online for CSP | Top CSP Provider in India company . Contact Digital India CSP Today.

About Bharat Mitra CSP Services, powered by 12 years of service excellence in the digital business of micro billing of services and remittances in a ‘real time’ environment is India’s Largest Solutions Provider. Its business involves service aggregation and distribution, utilizing mobile, PoS and web for online processing and transfer services. It is built to service the nation’s Telecom/DTH Operators, multiple Services Providers and  pan India and Apply Online for CSP .

Eligibility Criteria and Apply Online for CSP

1. उम्र कम-से-कम 21 वर्ष (AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE)
2. मैट्रिक या उससे ज्यादा पढे-लिखे (MATRIC OR ABOVE)
3. कम्प्यूटर का सामान्य ज्ञान रखने वाले (COMPUTER LITERATE)
4. कार्य मेंअपनी कुछ पूंजी लगा सकने की क्षमता वाले (WILLING TO INVEST SOME MONEY IN PROJECT)
5. जिम्मेवार (RESPONSIBLE)
6. कर्मठ (LABOURIOUS)
7. बेरोजगार ब्यक्ति (UNEMPLOYED)
Other Requirements:
1. Size of premises – 10X10 (minimum 100 sq feet), and a counter. There must be adequate space for customers
2. System configuration – PC (laptop) with a minimum 20 GB configuration hard disk
3. Internet Connection Webcam and a standard printer
4. Registration and Training Fee Apply
5. Services to be provided at Franchisor

Why Choose Us


CSP Indian One Agents are those individuals who acts as an agent of the bank at places where it is not possible to open branch of the bank


CSP Indian One BC will give a fixed salary irrespective of the bank and branch. Apart from this you will get handsome commission


You may apply to become CSP Agent for State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India and Punjab National Bank etc…

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Money Transfer
Travel Booking

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