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Kiosks act as touch-points for conducting basic banking services. It helps businesses to improve customer experience and enforce branding of banks. The use of kiosk for banking services are secure and appeals to Millennials and digitally-inclined consumers.

Recently, tablet kiosks are being used by banks and credit unions which not only improve operational efficiency but also brings down the manpower cost. As tablets are small, compact and flexible devices, they can be conveniently placed anywhere in the branch.

Let’s look at some of the use cases and benefits of kiosks in the banks:

As Self-service machines: To access banking applications and websites. In the same way, ATM kiosks, credit card payments and coin acceptance machines are some of other examples.

To on-board new customers: To process new applications and enrollments.

For Demo and Training: To give demo to customers on online banking and new products and provide training to the branch staff.

For Data Collection: In micro-finance companies, tablets help collection agents to capture customer identification documents, upload customer data and perform sign ups.

Kiosk banking is like banking though Kiosk machine.

Kiosk banking has more and additional features than traditional ATM machine.

Kiosk banking provides Cash deposit, interactive telephonic sessions with call center, Audio – video calling with customer care and typical all kind of services provided at normal bank branch.

It looks something like this.


  • Manage Apps (hide / show)
  • Exit Protection
  • Disable Notification of other apps
  • Help Module
  • Setting Screen
  • Contact Page
  • Share App Features
  • Admob Integration


  • Avoid dependencies
  • Multiple Modes
  • Security Control
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